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Laser Training For Medical Directors

Transform your vision of a medical director and join our master class for Physcian Laser Training of a Medical Director at Laser Training Center of Florida Medical College. Obtain the knowledge of laser techniques along with other important subjects required for a successful performance as a medical director of a laser cosmetic clinic.


Topics – Outline

  • Laser Physic and Tissue interaction
  • Understanding Laser Hair Removal Technique
  • Laser Safety
  • Florida Law Compliances
  • Writen protocol as described in Rule 64B8-56.002(4),F.A.C
  • Consultation and Laser Protocols
  • General Complications
  • Others Procedures used in Aesthetic.

Who can perform laser hair removal in the state of Florida?

The Boards of Medicine in Florida, which regulate the Electrolysis Council, clarifies the requirement for direct supervision of qualified electrologist certified to perform laser hair removal and reduction. 

Electrology Rule 64B8-56.002, F.A.C.,: Are operating under direct supervision and responsibility of a physician properly trained in hair removal and licensed pursuant to the provisions of Charter 458 or 459, F.S. 

Protocols Requiring Direct Supervision, F.S.: All protocols relating to electrolysis or electrology using laser or light-based hair removal or reduction by persons other than physicians licensed under this chapter or chapter 459 shall require the person performing such service to be appropriately trained and work only under the direct supervision and responsibility of a physician licensed under this chapter or chapter 459.See section 458.348(3), Florida Statutes (Medical Practice Act).

For information please call (305)417-8316 or (786)953-8443