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Low Level Laser Seminar for healthcare professionals

Florida Medical College offers the Low Level Laser Seminar for healthcare professionals and aestheticians.


This course will instruct you in the use of Cold Laser in Aesthetic Body Treatments, Pain Management, Smoking Cessation and Weight Control. 


Low Level Laser Therapy was discovered more than 50 years ago, and today there are many peer revied studies confirming the efficacy and efficiency cold laser therapy. The frequencies of light produced by low laser produces a stimulus that initiates a physiological response known as Photobioactivation.


As a health care professional or aesthetician you will learn over the course of two days, the use of cold laser therapy for body treatments, including body sculpting, weight control, and pain management.


This course will allow the participant to become proficient in the use of low level laser therapy for use as an option for patients desiring a smoking cessation program.


Courses are offered in English and Spanish. 


Course Outline:


2.-Laser Physics 

     . Laser history

     . How Laser Work

     . Laser Parameters

     . Laser Interaction

3.-Laser Physiology and its effect on tissue

     . Biology of Cell/ Mitochondria

     . Photo-Biomodulation

     . Mechanism: Tissue Healing and Pain Relief

4.-Acupuncture and low laser therapy

     . Basic Concept

     . Auricular acunpuncture with low laser

5.-Treatment Protocols

      Pain Management

      Weight Control

      Smoking Cessation

      Body Sculpting

6.-Laser Safety 

      . Federal and Regulatory Agencies

      . General Precautions

7.-Hands-on. Safe work Practice. Apply Laser Treatment


Do not miss this unique opportunity to improve your skills and qualifications.


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